Johnson, Joseph. Clever Girls of Our Time and How They Became Famous Women; Whose Lives Furnish an Incentive and Encouragement to Effort and Endurance, and Whose Example Stimulates to Industry and Perseverance. Clever Girls of Our Time and How They Became Famous Women London: Darton & Hodge, 1862; 1863; 1864; 1865. Title variant: Clever Girls of Our Time Who Became Famous Women. 2nd ed., London: Gal & Inglis, 1862; 1875; [1880-90?].

TOC: Clara Novello; Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Elizabeth Smith; Catherine Hayes; Julia Pardoe; Caroline Norton; Eliza Cook; Mme Malibran; Agnes Strickland; Angelica Kauffman; Elizabeth Carter; Fanny Corbaux; Harriet Hosmer; Frederica Bremer; Frances Brown; Lucretia M Davidson; Catherine Macaulay; Ida Pfeiffer; Mary Thorneycroft; Mrs. Grant; Sarah Martin.

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Bodleian Oldfield, Bodleian variously list 1875, 1888, 1890, and same title, ed. J. Johnson and W. Pairman, 1903.

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