Jenkins, John Stilwell. Heroines of History. Auburn, NY, and Buffalo, NY: Beardsley, 1851. Peoria, IL: S. H. and G. Burnett, 1852; 1853. Auburn, NY: Alden, Beardsley; Rochester, NY: Wandser, Beardsley, 1851; 1852; 1855; 1853; 1857. Chicago: Kerr, Doughty & Lapham, 1853. New York: R. Carter, 1854. Rochester and New York: Alden and Beardsley; J. C. Derby, 1855. New Orleans: Burnett & Bostwick, 1854. New York: James Sheehy, 1883. Hartford, CT: J. Betts, 1874; 1879; 1879.

TOC: Cleopatra; Isabella of Castile; Joan of Arc; Maria Theresa; Josephine; Elizabeth of England; Mary of Scotland; Catherine of Russia; Marie Antoinette; Madame Roland.

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