Irvine, E. Marie. Certain Worthy Women. Sydney: New Century, 1939.

TOC: Mrs. John McArthur; Mrs. Thomas Reiby; Mrs. Samuel Marsden; Mrs. Macquarie; Mrs. Hawkins; Miss Reid of “Ratho” (Mrs. W. M. Williams); Mrs. Henry Williams; Mrs. Hordern; Mrs. Forlonge; Mrs. William Charles Wentworth; Mrs. Thomas Collins of “Telemon”; The Bussells of Busselton; Mrs. Caroline Chisholm; Lady Franklin; Mrs. Giles and Her Circle; Mrs. Macpherson; Georgiana McCrae; “Grace Darling" Western Australia; Mrs. Frances; Lucy Osburn; Lady Murray; Mary Ann Pratt; Mary Phoebe Broughton; Dark Stars: I. Narrabeen II. Old Nan.

“For all the women who form the subject of these biographical sketches, it is not claimed that they were, in any dramatic sense, heroines. But that the manner in which they overcame the trials of a new country was heroic, few persons will deny. They are, I think, representative figures, and worthy in the true sense of the word.” Irvine seeks to “rescu[e] the story of some of them from partial oblivion” (Preface, n.p.). Tribute to Osburn, “The First Australian Trained Nurse,” deplores the “singular omission” of her name from “lists . . . of pioneer women,” and notes “the astonishment I always feel, that in a city as large as Sydney, where feminism is vociferous and virile, there is not one statue, among the many dotted about our parks and gardens, raised to the memory of any one of those valiant women whose lives have left so strong and so beneficial a mark upon our nation?” [sic] (283).

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