Holloway, Laura Carter [Langford]. The Mothers of Great Men and Women, and Some Wives of Great Men. Illustrated. New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1883. Philadelphia: Calypso, 1883; 1887. Baltimore: Wharton, 1883; Woodward, 1889; 1891; 1892.

TOC: Mary Washington; Mother of Mendelsohn; Mother of Napoleon; Monica, Mother of St. Augustine; Abraham Lincoln's Mother; Charles Dicken's Mother; Mother of Wesley; Charles Lamb's Mother; Thackeray's Mother; Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi; Lord Byron's Mother; Mother of Rev. John Newton; Mother of Martin Luther; Mother of Stonewall Jackson; Mother of Cowper; Mother of Goethe; Mother of the Napiers; Jean Paul Richter's Mother; Madame Necker, the Mother of Madame de Staël; Mother and wife of Shakspeare; Mother of Beethoven; Mother of Sheridan; Frances Trollope; Lady Beaconsfield; Mother of Garfield; Mother of Alexander von Humboldt; Wife of Lord William Russell; Mother of Lamartine; Milton's Wives; Mother of Carlyle; Johnson's Mother and Wife; Mothers of Antiquity; Marie Antoinette as Wife and Mother; Mother of Burns; Short sketches of some wives and mothers; Abigail Adams.

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