Heroines of the Cross. Kilmarnock, Scotland: J. Ritchie; London: Hubert, 1930.

Cf. Dawson, Mundell, similar titles.

TOC: Heroines of the Cross ; The First Woman Missionary - Mrs. Judson in Burmah ; A Widow's Work - Mrs. Thompson in Syria; The Children for Christ - Fidelia Fiske in Persia; "Sitt Mariam" - Mary Louisa Whately in Egypt; A Mother in Israel - Mrs. Gobat in Abyssinia and Palestine; Fifty Years in the Mission Field - Mrs. Moffat in South America; The White Mother - Mrs. Hinderer in Yoruba; In Trials Often - Mrs. Wakefield in East Africa; Among the Cannibals - Women's Work in the South Seas; The Sole Survivor - Mrs. Jones in the West Indies; Mission Work in Tents - Mrs. Gilmour in Mongolia; The Chieftainess - Mrs. Wilkinson Among the Zulus; The Martyrs of Ku-Chang - Mrs. Stewart in China; The Story of Pandita Ramabai - The Friend of India's Widows and Orphans; Mary Slessor of Calabar.

Contains illustrations on occasional glossy pages, including both engravings and photographs, portraits and typical scenes (e.g. "Lady Missionaries Crossing an African River"), some suggesting a guide to Eastern travel. Inside front cover shows a bookplate printed (in Scotland) in gold, blue, and black, "AWARDED TO," with inscription added in ink: "Trinity Road Sunday School. [Awarded to] Dorothy Baldwin./ 2nd Class Prize/ Morning School/ 1930." Frontispiece "Mrs. Judson at the Prison Gates" shows a lady standing with a baby in arms and a hand to her eyes, leaning against heavy gates as a dark-skinned man, in hat and white cloth covering hip to knee, approaches along the street from a marketplace. Between the title page and table of contents is a page entitled "Noble Witnesses for the Faith of the Gospel," ten books published by Ritchie; a similar list of ten immediately follows table of contents: "Missionary Pioneers Who Carried the Light of the Gospel to Heathen Lands." The collective female biographies in these lists are: Heroines of the Faith (a rare book listed in WorldCat as published by Ritchie without author or clear date) and Two Missionary Heroines in Africa (Mary Slessor and Jeanie Gilchrist)--both of whom have monograph biographies listed under Boys' and Girls' Favourites; others are monographs of collections of men or men and women. The back of the book contains several glossy pages of advertisements for other books from "John Ritchie, Ltd., Publishers of Christian Literature." Sorted in declining order of price, from 3/6 to 4d. "Evangelical Wonder Books," "Good Books for Senior Scholars," "Select Gift and Reward Books," etc., a high proportion of biographies. Florence Nightingale biography listed under "Lives Worth Emulating" under "Pure and Good Reading" for two shillings; Frances Havergal also receives a monograph. Numerous paired biographies of male missionaries. As far as the titles indicate, the collective biographies of women are: Missionary Heroines of the Cross, Three Brave Women ("Mary Slessor, Mrs. Bird, etc."), Daughters from Afar, Missionary Heroines of India, Missionary Heroines of Many Lands, Heroines of the Cross in Foreign Lands. All the reading seems designed to rouse interest in life in remote countries with Evangelical mission as the motive--typified by the "Peeps at Many Lands" series.

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