Hamilton, Cicely Mary. A Pageant of Great Women. [London]: The Suffrage Shop, 1910; Suffragette Fellowship, 1948.

TOC: Hypatia; St. Teresa; Lady Jane Grey; Madame de Stael; Madame Roland; Madame de Scudery; Jane Austen; George Sand; Caroline Herschell; Madame Curie; Sappho; Vittoria Colonna; Angelica Kauffmann; Vigee le Brun; Rosa Bonheur; Margaret van Eyck; Nance Oldfield; St. Hilda; Elizabeth Fry; Elizabeth of Hungary; Catherine of Siena; Charlotte Corday; Flora Macdonald; Kate Barlass; Grace Darling; Victoria; Elizabeth; Zenobia; Philippa; Deborah; Isabella; Catherine the Great; Tsze-Hsi-An; Joan of Arc; Boadicea; Agnes of Dunbar; Emilie Plater; Ranee of Jhansi; Maid of Saragossa; Christian Davies; Hannah Snell; Mary Ann Talbot; Florence Nightingale.

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