Galley, Lucile Vessot. Famous Women: Character Representation— An Historic Entertainment. Ottawa: n.p., 1916.

NOT:=drama. Intended “for the use of Societies,” a pageant, with directions and speeches. A judge asks, “Whom among them manifests the true ideal of womanhood? Who has rendered the greatest service to the world, and upon whom shall we confer the crown?” A long list mixing popular great names, national or occupational types, and even fictional characters, e.g.: Ruth; Queen Isabella of Spain; Grace Darling; Jenny Lind; Frances Willard; Joan of Arc; The Japanese Girl; Nordica; the Nun; the Indian Woman; the Salvation Army Girl; the Maid [as in house servant]; The Fish Wife; Miss Ophelia, Topsy, Eva; Mother Goose. See also Pop Chart

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