Foster, Warren Dunham, ed. Heroines of Modern Religion. New York: Sturgis & Walton; Macmillan, 1913;

TOC: Anne Hutchinson; Susannah Wesley; Elizabeth Ann Seton; Lucretia Mott; Fanny Crosby; Sister Dora; Hannah Whitall Smith; Frances Ridley Havergal; Ramabai Dongre Medhavi; Maud Ballington Booth.

Chapter titles: Anne Hutchinson, by A.E. Jenkins; Susannah Wesley, by W.H. Foster; Elizabeth Ann Seton, by R.V. Trevel; Lucretia Mott, by A.E. Jenkins; Fanny Crosby, by W. Bradbury; Sister Dora, by G.L. Mumford; Hannah Whitall Smith, by W.H. Foster; Frances Ridley Havergal, by W. Bradbury; Ramabai Dongre Medhavi, by J.C. Minot; Maud Ballington Booth, by R.V. Trevel; Part of "Modern Heroines Series," ed. Foster (b. 1886). See companion collection Heroines of Modern Progress by Adams and Foster. Available microfiche. Rpt. Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries, 1970.

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