Excellent Women. London: Religious Tract Society, 1900.

TOC: Elizabeth Fry; Selina, Countess of Huntington; Rachel, Lady Russell; Frances Ridley Havergal; Hannah More; Susanna Wesley; Mrs. Hemans; Madame Guyon; Ann Judson; Mary Louisa Whately; Agnes Jones; Elizabeth, Duchess of Gordon.

Chapter titles: Elizabeth Fry / by James Macaulay; Selina, Countess of Huntington / by R. Lovett; Rachel, Lady Russell / by James Macaulay; Frances Ridley Havergal / by J.P. Hobson; Hannah More / by Henry Johnson; Susanna Wesley / J. Cunningham; Mrs. Hemans / by S.F. Harris; Madame Guyon / by William Nichols; Ann Judson / by A. McKenzie; Mary Louisa Whately / by W.R. Bowman; Agnes Jones / by Ellen L. Courtenay; Elizabeth, Duchess of Gordon / by S.F. Harris.

Apparently compiles a series of tracts in one volume.

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