Ewart, Henry, ed. True and Noble Women. London and New York: Whittaker, 1888; 1889; 1896.

See How To Make It as a Woman, 153-156, 201.

TOC: Introduction by Henry C. Ewart; Queen Victoria; Princess Alice; Mrs. Fry; Sarah Martin; Sister Dora; Mary Carpenter; Mrs. Chisholm; Mary Moffat; Mrs. Sewell; Mrs. Carlyle; Baroness Bunsen.

Chapter titles: Introduction by Henry C. Ewart; Queen Victoria by Donald MacLeod; Princess Alice by M.C. Taylor and Thos. Stephenson; Mrs. Fry by Mrs. Francis G. Faithfull; Sarah Martin by Henry C. Ewart; Sister Dora by Mrs. Charles Garnett; Mary Carpenter by Rosamond Davenport Hill; Mrs. Chisholm by Thos. Stephenson; Mary Moffat by Alex H. Japp; Mrs. Sewell by Elizabeth Boyd Bayly; Mrs. Carlyle by Alex H. Japp; Baroness Bunsen by Professor Simon.

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