Egermeier, Elsie Emilie. Girl's Stories of Great Women. Anderson, IN: Warner, 1930; 1952.

TOC: Mary Slessor; Helen Keller; Rosa Bonheur; Fanny Jane Crosby [blind hymnwriter]; Maria Mitchell [American astronomer]; Lucretia Mott; Victoria [“The Little Princess Who Became a Great Queen”]; Jenny Lind; Frances Willard; Elizabeth Barrett; Mary Lyon; Clara Barton [“The Girl Who Forgot to Be Afraid”]; Marie Sklodowska Curie; Susan B. Anthony; Elizabeth Fry; Louisa May Alcott; Harriet Hosmer; Elizabeth Blackwell.

Author of Bible Story-Book . Eighteen stories without names of subjects in the titles, which repeat the formula, “The Girl Who . . .” Thus, the chapter on Mary Slessor is entitled “The Girl Who Taught the ‘Jesus Way’ to Savages”; the one on Helen Keller is called “The Girl Who Fought Her Way through Darkness and Silence to Fame.”

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