Dickes, William. Women of Worth: A Book for Girls. London: Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, 1854; 1859. London: Hogg, 1864; Virtue, [1865-75?]. New York: Townsend, 1860; 1861; Gregory, 1863; Allen, [1870-79?]. New ed., 1886. Subtitle variant: Women of Worth: Whom the World Loves to Honor. Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1889. London: Hogg, 1904.

TOC: Mary Washington; Martha Washington; Charlotte Brontë; Elizabeth Fry; Sarah Martin; Margaret Mercer; Sarah Boardman Judson; Lady Russell; Lucy Hutchinson; Isabel the Catholic; Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe; Maria Theresa; Madame Oberlin; Anna Letitia Barbauld; Rebecca Motte; Madame Necker; Caroline L. Herschel; Hannah More; Ann Flaxman; Mrs. Wordsworth; Harriet Newell; Sarah Lanman Smith; Lady Warwick; Lady Mackintosh.

Chapter Titles: Mary Washington, the Illustrious Matron; Martha Washington, the True Wife; Charlotte Bronte, the Worthy Daughter; Elizabeth Fry, the Newgate School-Mistress; Sarah Martin, the Jail Missionary; Margaret Mercer, the Worker of Charity; Sarah Boardman Judson, the Teacher in the Wilds; Lady Russell, the Noble Dame; Lucy Hutchinson, the Pattern of Domestic Virtue; Isabel the Catholic, the Friend of Columbus; Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe, the Earnest Christian; Maria Theresa, the Star of Australia; Madame Oberlin, the Pastor's Helpmate; Ann Letitia Barbauld, the Children's Favorite; Rebecca Motte, the Devoted Patriot; Madame Necker, the Estimable Governess; Caroline L. Herschel, the Patient Astronomer; Hannah More, the Quiet Reformer; Anne Flaxmen, the Sculptor's Assistant; Mrs. Wordsworth, the Poet's Companion; Harriet Newell, the Christian Heroine; Sarah Lanman Smith, the Missionary's Wife; Lady Warwick, the Laborer in the Vineyard; Lady Mackintosh, the Guardien Angel

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