Darton, John Maw. Famous Girls Who Have Become Illustrious Women: Forming Models for Imitation for the Young Women of England. 4th ed. London: Virtue, [1860-69?]. 1864 Title variant: Famous Girls Who Have Become Illustrious Women of Our Time: Models for Imitation by the Young Women of England, 6th ed. London: Darton & Co. [187?] 9th ed. London: J. Kempster [19??] 17th & 18th eds. London: Sonnenschein & Allen, 1880; 1884.

TOC: Margaret Roper; Fanny Burney; Laura Bridgman; Felicia Hemans; Harriet Martineau; Harriet Beecher Stowe; Elizabeth Le Brun; Mme de Guyon; Mme de Stael; Victoria; Princess Charlotte; Frederika Bremer; Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle; Miss Marsh; Caroline Chisholm; Miss Lydia Child; Dowager Duchess of Sutherland; Jenny Lind; Princess of Wales; Princess Louisa. .

Flint, Woman Reader : companion to Brave Boys Who Have Become Illustrious Men of Our Time (1880). Twenty subjects, primarily from nineteenth-century Europe.

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