Cruse, Amy. Boys and Girls Who Became Famous. London: Harrap, 1929. New York: Harcourt, n.d.

NOT:=male-female collective biography. With sixteen illustrations. Compare to Bolton, Lives of Girls Who Became Famous, and Poor Boys Who Became Famous , and Johnson, Famous Boys and How They Became Great Men . Female subjects are Jeanne d'Arc, Fanny Kemble, Charlotte Brontë, Rosa Bonheur, Louisa Alcott, Helen Keller, Melba, Clara Butt, Marya Curie, Sybil Thorndike, out of 27 total subjects. Illustrations in children's book style, incl. Haworth Parsonage and Cowan Bridge School. Sybil Thorndike grew up among the ghosts of Dickens and his characters (277).

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