Eminent Women. Collins's New Biographical Series, 8 vols. Volume 6. Illustrated. London and Glasgow: Collins's Clear-Type Press, [1909].

TOC: Caroline Herschel; The Princess de Lamballe; Elizabeth Fry; Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Rosa Bonheur; Agnes Weston.

Price 8d net. The only female subjects in other volumes in the series are named below: No. 1: Nineteenth-Century Explorers, incl. Isabella Bird of 8 subjects. No. 2: The Old Voyageurs. No. 3: Modern Wonder Workers. No. 4: The Old Navigators. No. 5: Modern Travellers, incl. Miss Gordon-Cumming and Mrs. Alec Tweedie of 8 subjects. No. 7: World Famous Authors: Homer, Virgil, Dante, Chaucer, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Moliere, Milton. No. 8 Makers of Nations.

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