Balfour, Clara Lucas Liddell. Working Women of the Last Half Century: The Lessons of Their Lives. London: W. & F. G. Cash, 1854; 1856; Bennett, 1860. 3d ed., as Working Women of This Century: The Lesson of Their Lives. London & and New York: Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, 1868.

TOC: TOC of 1854 ed: Introductory; Mrs. Trimmer; Mrs. Hannah More and her Sisters; Mrs. Barbauld; Elizabeth Smith; Charlotte Elizabeth; Mrs. Sherman; Mrs. Mary Lundie Duncan; Sarah Martin; Mrs. Ann H. Judson; 1868 edition adds: Hannah Kilham; Charlotte Brontë. *Pop Chart.

British Library. The pamphlets above rebound in single volume?

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